Nobody would expect that the world's best salmon comes from the small Toggenburg region in Eastern Switzerland. The Balik Farm in the small village of Ebersol sends the perfectly sliced and salted salmon to customers around the world.

 Balik Salmon from Switzerland

With the help of Israel Kaplan, the purveyor to the last Russian tsar, Hans G. Kbel built the first oven to smoke salmon in the Toggenburg region. According to a 150 year-old Imperial Russian recipe, the twenty-five step process involved in the production of Balik Salmon is one of the company's best-guarded secrets. The salmon is carefully selected from the shores of the Barents Sea above Norway.

 Balik Salmon most expensive salmon in the world

The Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj No. 1 is the coronation of the Balik art of smoking salmon. The filet is smoked with a premium salt over wooden logs that have been seasoned and dried for a minimum of ten years. The taste of the Balik Fillet No. 1 has the perfect balance of salmon, smoke and salt.

 Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj No. 1

You can order 500g of the Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj No. 1 for €247,50 and other Balik products on Caviar House & Prunier.