10 Most Expensive Things In The World

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Stax SR-009 Earspeakers

The best headphone STAX has ever produced!

Hasselblad Lunar - Most Expensive Compact System Camera

The quest for perfection!

Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine

The Diva Espresso Machine by Bugatti has a modern and stylish design!

Formula 1 Race Car Simulator

Once in a lifetime - feel like a Formula 1 race Driver! With the FMCG Full Scale Formula 1 Simulator you can have this experience!

The Barbecue Dining Boat

Summertime: Enjoy a special BBQ experience with your friends!

Flying free like a bird with The Martin Jetpack

The Martin Jetpack is the world's first practical jetpack!

A Luxury Game to Play by Teckell

Transforming a game table typically found at the corner bar into luxury lifestyle icon? The Adriano brothers made it possible with the Teckell Chrystal Foosball Tables!

Geoffrey Parker Board Games

In the age of computer, television and video games, traditional boardgames still fascinates people.

Exclusive USB Drive - Mnemosyne

Pen drives have become a common and inexpensive form of data storage. Except this luxury version!

Exclusive Luxury Phones from Vertu

You like design and luxury? Then you should consider buying a luxury phone from Vertu.

Keys made with passion!

Keys - we all have them and we need them several times a day, but we don't even think about them. However, these keys will make you think again!