The Church shoe style is classic and elegant. Church makes shoes for both men and women, although the collection for men is larger. The collection for men span over classic shoes (like the one below) over loafers and slippers. All done with an eye for quality in every detail.

A Church shoe can accompany you for many years, if you take well care of it. Should something happen to it, it is a shoe well worth repairing.

The Church shoes price range is from €155 for their "cheapest" slippers up to €4.105 for the Consul model. A beautiful crocodile skin style of shoe, as you can see here:

Church shoes were successful immediately after they foundation in 1873. In 1921 Church opened their first shoe shop in London, and introduced their first shoe model for women. In the 1950'es Church expanded internationally into America, Canada, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong. In 1999 the well known luxury company Prada bought Church Footwear. A sure sign of Church's high quality, reputation and success.

You can learn more about Church on the Church Footwear website.