Lauge Jensen Ltd. is founded by Uffe Lauge Jensen. He is an experienced Danish motorcycle builder and Denmark's only internationally licensed motorcycle manufacturer. In cooperaton with the customer every motorcycle gets a unique design and personal touch. The individual parts are designed by Jensen himself.

The frame is a single tube frame with a drop seat having a seating height of only 40 cm (16 inch). To secure a comfortable ride the seat is tailor made for each customer adjusted to the height and weight. The customer can choose between different color schemes, such as black, pearl white, orange, chrome black, blue and red-black.

The 1792cc V-Twin air-cooled engine meets the international Euro 3 Norms in both the USA and Europe. Almost the entire engine from the camshafts to valves and pistons are specially made for Lauge Jensen. The bike has a top speed of 180 kmph. The power is rated at 70 horsepower at 4,300rpm. The exhausts ends with two separate mufflers with built-in catalytic converters. The bike rests on 130/70R 18 and 250/40R 18 tyres in the front and back with rim sizes of 3.5 x 18 and 8.5 x 18.

Prices vary for each motorcycle. The basic version is available from $42.000. Decorated with diamonds it might be a bit more.

In 2012 the unique diamond-encrusted motorbike designed by Manchester United's Wayne Rooney fetched approx. $66.000 when it was auctioned for the charitable foundation KidsAid. The design of the bike was inspired from the celebration of his overhead kick against Manchester City in the 2011 season. Lauge Jensen described the motorcycle as a 'truly unique' machine.