Saluc has its headquartered in Callenelle, in the south of Belgium and is a world leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality billiard balls under the worldwide premium brand ARAMITH. Used by almost 80% Aramith Billiard balls are known for outstanding endurance and uncompromised quality for over 85 years.

Fusion Pool Table by Saluc/Aramith

In 1997 the design team developed a revolutionary new table concept: A combination of a dining table and pool table. Unlike the classic, heavy looking wooden tables this pool table has a modern and simple design. All pool accessories can be stored under the table board.

Fusion Pool Table by Saluc/Aramith convert into a Dining Table

Using hi-tech nylon stretch cloth with memory, the patent pending pockets stretch out when they collect balls and revert after the game. The Easy-Lift system allows to raise the Fusion table with minimal effort adding 3 " / 75 mm from standard 29.5 " / 75 cm dining height to optimal playing height. Pricetag $8.000 (depends on the model). Here you can read more about ARAMITH Fusion Tables

This video is showing how a Fusion Pool Table is converted from a dining table to a pool table.