The Danish brewing giant Carlsberg developed Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 as a limited edition brew of 600 bottles in 2008. It has earned the title of being world's most expensive beer at the time!

The Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 is a barley wine with an ABV on 10.5%. The chestnut-brown colored beer was aged in new Swedish and new French oak barrels for six month in J.C. Jacobsen's original cellar from 1847. Enjoying it to cheese or desserts you can taste flavors of prunes, caramel, vanilla and oak.

Jacobsen Vintage No. 1- Worlds most expensive beer.

Each 375ml bottle of Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 comes with an original hand stilled lithographic by the Danish artist Frans Kannik. The labels depict fables of Sif. The founder Carls Jacobsen often used Sif, the wife of the Nordic god Thor as a symbol for strength.

Try also Jacobsen Vintage No. 2 (2009) and No. 3.(2010). The design for Vintage no. 2 is created by the controversial and uncompromising Chilean born visual artist Marco Evaristti. Created in 2010, the Vintage 3 completes the world&aps;s most exclusive beer trilogy.

Jacobsen Vintage No. 2 and Jacobsen Vintage No. 3

Morten Ibsen, Brewmaster at Jacobsen says: 'With the Vintage trilogy we want to push the boundaries for what a beer can do, and to challenge the luxury wine segment in the gourmet restaurant market by utilising our innovation and brewing capabilities'. We say: CHEERS!!!!

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Another beer which has been rumored to be the world's most expensive beer (at the time) is the Vieille Bon Secours Ale.