Founded in 1872 in Madrid, the latest Loewe collection Tales of Spain is inspired from its long Spanish history.

The collection features printed scarves, handbags, bag charms, belts, bracelets, sunglasses and temporary tattoos. All accesories work out well with the grey classic Loewe monogram sweatshirt.

Loewe Tales of Spain Collection 2013

Three lines from Loewes archives dating back to the 1970s and 1980s are successfully reinterpreted in this line. The 'Manton de Manila' (Flowers and Birds), 'Mariposas Espanolas' (Spanish Butterflies) and 'Barroco' (Baroque).

Loewe Tales of Spain Collection 2013 Handbags

Several of the items in the Tales of Spain collection are produced from fine leather. To obtain a perfect multicoloured print without the skin losing its defining consistency requires a deep knowledge of leather processing.

See the Tales of Spain Collection.

Loewe Tales of Spain Collection 2013 young and on-trend accessories