Deeply hidden in the centre of a 300,000-acre private nature reserve in southern Chile lies the Montana Magica Lodge. The extraordinary Magic Mountain hotel is named afer a favourite book of the owners. The story is about a mountain with magical powers that grants wishes, The Magic Mountain. The lodge has a waterfall running down the mountain outside of the 13-room guest house. One of the entrances to the hotel is a swinging rope bridge! This hotel is indeed a special place!

Montana Magica Lodge Chile Montana Magica Lodge Chile Rooms Montana Magica Lodge Chile Dining Area

The Sala Silvermine Suite is the world's deepest hotelroom located 155 metres underground in the historic Sala Silvermine in Vstmanland, Sweden. The temperature in the mine is only 2 degrees Celsius all year round, but the suite is warmed up to cozy 18 degrees and the bed is equipped with a thick cover and extra blankets. With an intercom radio you can keep in contact with the world above you. Mobile phones do not work at this level.

Sala Sivermine Suite Sweden Bedroom 155 m in the underground Sala Sivermine Suite Sweden 155 m in the underground

The Nature Observatorio in Costa Rica is a tropical forest treehouse with a beautiful view. The 2 floor treehouse is hanging 25 m above the ground in the rainforest powered by solar energy. The 360° view in the first floor over the Carribean sea and the jungle is really impressive. The treehouse is built and held in place by a strong nylon webbing. Not a single screw or nail is used in this construction. One of the two double bedrooms feature an access to the 30m higher top of the tree. In case you do not want to climb yourself into the treehouse an electric winch, powered by the solar collectors, helps you up.

Nature Observatorio Costa Rica in the middle of the rainforest Nature Observatorio Costa Rica Nature Observatorio Costa Rica winch